About me

I preferred to call my blog ‘NationalityXXX’ but I was afraid the XXX characters could refer to a website of a pornographic content, leading my blog to be misread out of the title or even blocked in some countries. Alternatively, I chose the name NationalityZero, which is bad enough, I guess.

Why NationalityXXX?

Grab your passport… Open the first page… Hold it horizontally… Check out the bottom two lines where there are a collection of numbers and letters… These are coded characters to denote your passport information including the passport number, the nationality and some other information. On the bottom line, search your country code… Found it??? Ok then… now imagine what country code I have!… Correct… XXX… My country code is XXX… I have no country… Shocked??? We’ve been shocked for more than 63 years.

NationalityXXX, or NationalityZero is a blog in which I try to spot light the struggles of the Palestinian people and the way they integrate in a sort of international NOWHERE.

  1. Luay says:

    لقد اطلعت على بعض من مقالاتك .. ولم أكن أدر من قبل أنك “تكتب”
    حتى عندما زرت هذه الصفحة لم أكن متأكداً ما إذا كانت الكتابات تعود إليك أم لا .. ولكن بعض تفاصليها دلتني على ذلك.

    أجد بعضها ممتعاً ومعبراً .. وسأقرأ المزيد إن شاء الله ,,,, وسأرد إن لزم !!

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